Gelenk Nahrung is a source of collagen for beauty and youth.

Gelenk Nahrung - helps strengthen joints.

Have you been looking for a joint remedy for a long time, but don't know how and what would be better?

German pharmacologists developed "Gelenk Nahrung" for the German national football team about 35 years ago. And they got noticeably effective results! The powder is ideal for athletes, as well as for anyone with joint problems - you can take it regardless of age.

✔️You only need to take it once a day - in the morning!

Strengthens the articular-ligamentous apparatus, and also ensures the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue of the vertebral discs!

✔️ Available in 5 flavors: raspberry, apple, pineapple, peach-orange and cherry.

✔️An effective remedy from Germany

Give the drug "Gelenk Nahrung" 83 days (the size of the jar is 600 grams for 80-85 days) and you will feel a real relief of movement! Ask in the pharmacies of your city.

Gelenk Nahrung is a source of collagen for beauty and youth.

Gelenk Nahrung, produced by ProVista AG, is a natural product made in Germany. It is based on hydrolyzed collagen (a mixture of amino acids necessary for the body). Thanks to the finest German technology, it has high digestibility and is a building material for the human body. ⠀

📍According to numerous medical studies, this essential protein is a kind of "glue" that provides elasticity and firmness of tissues, as well as mobility and healthy condition of bones, ligaments, tendons and joints.

A sufficient level of collagen in the body ensures:

✔️ healthy skin - no wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks;

✔️ weight loss due to acceleration of metabolic processes;

✔️ improved digestion;

✔️ healthy bones and joints;

✔️ reduced injuries during sports;

✔️ restoration of hormonal balance;

✔️ improved sleep quality.

❗Collagen is synthesized by the body, but this does not happen endlessly. How to ensure the required level of collagen in the body? Of course, you can eat foods containing collagen, but most often this is not enough. That is why the best way to stay young and beautiful for a long time is to regularly consume collagen in the form of food supplements.
🔴Gelenk Nahrung from ProVista is a high-quality 100% collagen hydrolysate that has proven itself on the Russian market for 25 years.
❗Take care of your health now! Ask for Gelenk Nahrung in pharmacies of your city!